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Is it a safe purchase?
We protect your purchase 100% from the moment of payment until after receiving your product.
Is the package discreet or how does it arrive?
We are experts in discretion from the concept of your payment until you receive it. Our packaging is always 100% discreet and does not have visible branding.
Is there a minimum purchase?
We don't have any, you can put together your package however you want. Some promotional codes may be subject to a minimum.
What is the shipping time?
Your product will be in the package within a maximum of 24 business hours after your purchase. Parcel delivery normally takes between 1 and 4 business days (depending on your location) until delivery.
How can I track my package?
You can always track your shipment using a tracking code
What do I do if my discount code doesn't work?
Normally this does not usually happen, however you can send us your query to our contact page.
Do you have return policies?
Of course we have, for more information check out our warranty policies page.
Do the products have a warranty?
All products have a 6-month warranty.
What to do in case of defect?
All defects have free exchange and/or return plus a coupon. Always with personalized customer service.
If you have more questions, please go to the contact page and contact us. We will resolve your doubts in the best possible way. :)