What is its meaning Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian-Greek army, according to the My Jewish Learning website. The subsequent miracle of recovering the Sacred Temple and restoring its Menorah (candelabrum) is also remembered.   Why candles are lit According to tradition, after recovering the Temple of Jerusalem, the Jews wantedRead More

How I found out my father is gay

My father is of French origin, but 24 years ago he moved to the Netherlands to create a family with my mother. Being a curious guy and a lover of culture, he soon adopted the customs of the country and spoke Dutch, the language in which he raised my brother and me. Once a week,Read More

Origin of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This Friday, November 23 will be celebrated the world-famous Black Friday … discount madness! But a few years ago, it was unknown to most people. In this post you will discover what is the origin of Black Friday. In addition, we will give some brushstrokes of Cyber Monday, that great unknown, but also very wanted.Read More

Sex could relieve headaches

How many times have we stopped maintaining relationships for a headache? I remember a stage of my life in which after having any type of orgasm – jerking off or practicing sex-, immediately my head hurt. It was as if I pressed a button that managed to cause me a kind of migraine. I wasRead More


Occasionally, maybe once every ten years, a new porn star enters the industry and gets all the attention. The sculptural body Adonis and scandal curves goddesses with incredible anal talents are a guarantee of a safe orgasm, but what really captivates the public and remains in their long-term memory is the atypical, the aberrant, theRead More