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SVAKOM is dedicated to providing his customer with best quality products with affordable prices by forming a firm alliance with the world-recognized innovative sex toy designing and manufacturing brand SVAKOM. Backing up by its quality after sales service system, all the Svakom products sold on carry the same incredible 10-year quality guarantee as the ones on its official site.

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SVAKOM Limited Edition Gift Box for Lovers

     This year surprise your special one with SVAKOM limited edition gift box for ..


SVAKOM Lube Water Base Stainless PH Blance NATURAL LUBRICANT 300ml

Pure Water Based LubricantHypoallergenic, Clean and Non-StainingPremium lube designed for smooth sen..


SVAKOM Charging Cable 3 For Rechargeable Vibrators

This is a pin hole charging cable suitable for SVAKOM products like Elva, Elmer, Keri, Nina, Primo, ..


SVAKOM Charging Cable For Rechargeable Vibrators

This is a charging cable for SVAKOM products, including Amy, Alice, Lorna, Lisa, Echo, Rebecca, Cat..


SVAKOM Charging Cable For Siime

This is a charging cable made for charging SVAKOM Siime, and for transferring images or video from S..



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