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SVAKOM Charging Cable 1 For Rechargeable Vibrators

Note:Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we can’t arrange the shipment of any purchase contains only a cable or a lube. But if you purchase a product more than USD50, we can ship it for sure.

  • $20.00

This is a charging cable for SVAKOM products, including Amy, Alice, Lorna, Lisa, Echo, Rebecca, Cathy, Cherry, Betty, Barbara, Luna & Selene, Mini Emma, Emma, Siime Eye, Leo, Lucas, Lester, Leslie, Adonis, Trysta, Cici, Sara,Coco.

This cable is USB to DC 3.5 mm plug.

Siime, Keri and Tyler uses different charging cables.

Dear customers, if you buy only a cable, we will ship it by parcel, this will take longer time to arrive. But if you buy along with a product, we will ship by express.

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