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SVAKOM Cookie & Candy Waterproof Sensual And Tempting Foreplay Vibrators

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Cookie and Candy are so smooth that you don't need lubricants when using them, the pleasure you get helps the flow of natural lubrication, so forget buying the lubricants!
Unlike others sex toys in the market cookie and candy are specifically made for foreplay, ranges from massaging the nipples and clitoris. Candy comes with tentacles that are good for massaging the nipples and the clitoris while Cookies gently massages both the clitoris and the vaginal lips.
WHY Cookie & Candy ?
We have come up with two products at once to provide our clients with options to choose according to their preferences.We women need more foreplay! Studies have proved that an average woman needs about 20 to 30 minutes of proper foreplay to have that volcanic orgasm, with that in mind we embarked on months of brainstorming, testing and prototype testing to come up with a product that solves the issue at hand.

We worked with a group of volunteers from different countries & backgrounds to help in the testing of the product and the results were remarkable.
Cookie and Candy are unique products in the market with a specific target of giving maximum pleasure to Ladies being carried almost everywhere because of the size they come in. They provide the best way for the that is needed for a lady to reach her climax.
-Who is Cookie and Candy?
Cookie and Candy comes in two shiny colors and that is blue and pink.
The main features for both Candy and Cookie include powerful motors, intuitive control panels for with 1 mode and 3 diferent intensities level. They are both manufactured with super soft silicone layers wrapped around the extra motors for a flesh-like texture and realistic feel. The motors inside the two toys are programmed to mimic the most realistic pleasures for her, with specially designed textures; women are guaranteed to experience the ultimate pleasure.

All the components used in the manufacturing of the toys are safe material both to humans and to the environment. Both products are made up of Ultra soft Body-safe silicon material which has been thoroughly tested & passed through all international safety standards.
Cookie & Candy sensual and tempting foreplay vibrators from the ocean are ready to make you wet. With this foreplay vibrator, you can totally make foreplay without the lubricants
  • 1. Three massaging tentacles with kissing fish mouth of this vibrator can make you get unprecedented foreplay feeling. Choose the best one for you and enjoy the thrilling experience.
  • 2. Cookie & Candy foreplay vibrator use high-performance rechargeable lithium battery which can last for one hour of pleasure.
  • 3. Designed with little charging ports at the bottom to ensure the item is IPX4 Waterproof. So you can use it in the bath or shower to have a different sexual experience.
  • 4. These foreplay vibrators are made from Eco-friendly silicone, which has passed all strictest international standards to make sure 100% safety.
  • 5. Function: Make your lip wet, Tease your clitoris, Caress your nipples
1 Year Warranty & 10 Year Quality Guarantee
1 Year Warranty
The 1 year warranty covers to one year since the purchase date. If there is a quality problem during this period, you can claim and receive a free replacement. Noted that our warranty range includes the problems caused by material flaws, manufacturing flaws, and the parts that influence the normal functioning. Damages caused by improper operation, overused abrasion and disassembling the product are excluded from our warranty range.
10 Year Quality Guarantee
The 10 years quality guarantee covers your product for the ten years subsequent to your 1 year warranty's expiration date. If you have a problem with your SVAKOM product (purchased from our official website) within this time.

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