BeYourLover--Gift with Love & Joy

about-us Slogan BeYourLover--Gift with Love & Joy
Brand Introduction

BeYourLover was founded in 2018 and has been in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia for 5 years. In the Japanese market, BeYour- Lover has become the No. 1 brand of female sex toys.

BeYourLover has always insisted on the product concept of "gift of erotic

products", and constantly innovated to create a series of new concepts of erotic products; leading the brand to high-end, technology, and youth. Our product design has won many major design awards, such as the German IF Design Award, the German Red Dot Design Award, and the Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award.

Brand Concept

Gift Sex Toys

We believe that eroticism is more than just sex, it is an attitude to pursue a better life. Compared to the explicit appearance of traditional erotic products, BeYourLover products are more daily-based, scenario-based, stylish, and trendy, so much so that they can become gifts that can be given to each other between intimate relationships. The fusion of fun with love, makes the gift more creative. In addition to the product itself, we also restore the gift box style on the packaging to increase the sense of romance, broaden the boundaries of eroticism, improve the quality of life and create a better erotic experience.

Brand Concept

To make more creative,
unique, and reliable products

about-us Creative product design
More Creative Product Design
What comes to mind when you think of erotic gifts? Erotic, shy, secretive ...... But there is more than one side to eroticism, trendy and novelty can also be labeled. By redefining erotic gifts and blending IP culture with sexy elements, erotic products become novelty gifts with both fun and practical attributes: pleasing to the eye as well as the body and mind.
about-us Unique product vision
More Unique Visual Design
Love at first sight applies to product design as well. The design of erotic products that resemble the appearance of daily life products, this contrast can impress the users at a glance. To turn a sex toy into a gift that can be given generously, the first thing to avoid is the embarrassment and discomfort brought by the appearance. The brand's first product, "Joy Cup" is very similar to "Frappuccino" in both appearance and concept. Appearance: beautiful and lovely; concept: to bring happiness; color: trendy laser purple, all the same as the "Frappuccino" that meets youth's preferences.
about-us More secure product quality
More Reliable Product Quality
Only by putting ourselves in the shoes of female consumers can we make "good" products. IPX7 waterproof, 10 degrees of soft liquid silicone, 55 dB quiet design; from the external materials have passed the safety certification, non-toxic, odor-less, non-hazardous substances evaporation; to the internal loading of electronic components are manufactured using lead-free technology, are strictly enforced testing standards. Strict implementation of testing standards. Every item is BeYour-Lover commitment to users and the brand's adherence to its original intent.
about-us BeYourLover- Product Series
about-us Joy Cup The Cup of Joy
Cheers for Love
about-us Phantom color plating process shell, with internal color printing stickers that can be customized and can do series IP, a cup of versatile.
about-us The shape is different from the traditional erotic toys, it is more cute and trendy, more meets the aesthetics of the youth.
about-us The shape is small and easy to grip, easy to carry, easy to disguise, and fully integrated into the daily life.Connect with the Be- YourLover app to explore more ways to play.
Joy Cup
Five suction modes, the first three are with increasing intensities. the rest two are with different changing waves. The ergonomically designed mouthpiece is made of ultra-soft 10-degree liquid silicone for a softer, more comfortable fit. 67g only, it can be held in one hand. Portable and compact, it can fit in even the smallest bag, take it with you on business trips, and turn it off before going through security.
about-us about-us about-us about-us
about-us Magic Suitcase Open for Surprise
2 In1 for Joy
about-us Phantom color plating process shell,
with internal color printing stickers that can be customized and can do series IP.
about-us 5 suction modes with 10 vibration modes for multiple stimulations. Double Joy with 1 Toy.
about-us Multi-functional Case Newly developed rechargeable case, to be your companion when you are traveling. Self-sterilizing function, fresh and clean, safety and security.- Connect with the BeYourLover app to explore more ways to play.

Double stimulation from the magic suitcase.
Let the soul follow
the senses and enjoy a marvelous journey
of body exploration together.

Magic Cane
Limited Edition
Sweety & Tasty
3 colors available:
peach blossom
pink & fresh ink green & yellow
about-us The silicone-free glass contact surface Crystal clear, round, and smooth Stronger than traditional silicone More aggregated vibration, cool and silky outside feeling. High-frequency vibration with increasing pleasure.
about-us 2 IN 1
1 Magic Cane = 1 vibrating wand +1 vibrating egg Round head for 360° stimulation Slim body for deeper exploring
about-us about-us
about-us Fashion & Joy
It does not only please you but also can decorate the room as an ornament
60° Bend Angle
The head is curv ed and ergonomically designed with an upward angle, making it easy to reach the G-spot without purposely searching for it.
Smooth Fit
Made of 2cm diameter glass, it can be smoothly inserted into the body with just a little lubricant.
Magnetic Charging
Charging contact points are automatically attached to make charging more convenient. It takes 60 minutes of use on a single charge.
Magic Candy
Assemble Your
1 Magic Candy=
1 Vibrating Egg + N Vibrating Wand
Candy jar shape & fresh color scheme.
Unconventional and cute c a n d y j a r packa g i n g design, which can be used for daily storage
Adjustable Curved Angle With 2 different joints, you can choose a str aight or curv ed one. With the detachable design, you can make your favorite combos.
about-us Vibrating egg can be used separately
about-us Among the candies with unified shapes, there is one special candy called "X" with an inclined design, which has a c ertain curv e shape and can be adjusted to fit the G-spot.
about-us 9 vibration modes: 3 Increasing intensities, and 6 different waves. Connect with the BeYour- Lover app to explore more ways to play.
Assembly Diagram
Find the joint, insert and twist it, and it is successfully assembled after hearing a "click".
Twist the joint, and pull it out to disassemble.
Cute Paw Nipple Massager
Kneading & Teasing
about-us Wireless design, beautiful and non-binding.
90mm diameter suction cups can fit from A to E cup.
Vacuum attached firmly and not easy to fall off.
about-us Food-grade TPE material all-inclusive design,
light and soft,
delicate touch, odorless and safe.
about-us Round Grainy Material 60 soft massage thorns 360° wrap you well
about-us 10 vibration modes: 3 Increasing intensities, and different waves.Rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise.
about-us Stable connection without delay within 7m of Bluetooth for foreplay. More different plays are available on the App.
A Love Telephone
Multiple pleasures with different combos Find your favorite ones
1 Telephone >
5 Different Ways to Play
Telephone Heating Base +
Vibrating Handset & Nipple Clamps
Sonic Pro Suction
3 strong different suction modes
about-us Grainy textured nipple clamps 6 virabiton modes for foreplay
about-us 35° Curved vibrator 6 vibration modes to change
about-us Heating Base 38-40℃ heating with 3 vibration modes
Pocket Joy Toy
Redefining the adult products
Stylish Earbuds Design
Take this sassy toy with you a sassy girl
Strong Suction
5 suction modes, 11 suction modes via APP Choose what you want
Recharge wherever you go
Built-in charging case Can charge Alggie 3 times after fully charging of charging case
A Unique Camera to
Record Life

1 Camera–5 Different Way to Shoot

Suction Camera+ Vibrating Handle & Nipple Clamps

about-us Grainy textured nipple clamps 5 Virabiton modes for foreplay
about-us Replaceable suction mouth East to wash and change. 3 Suction modes with 5 intensity levels.Connect with the BeYourLover app to explore more ways to play.
about-us 35° Curved vibrator 5 Vibration modes to change
Cunnilingus Vibrator
Licking & Sucking 2 in 1
A gift for yourself
about-us Recharge wherever you go Built-in heart-shaped charging case
about-us Licking more than 1,000 times per minute
Intensely stimulating the clitoris
about-us Strong suction power Realistic cunning feeling
Luxury Leather
SM Bondage Set
Ignite passion and explore the
depths of pleasure
SM Bondage Set
Brilliant Golden Red Leather SM Kit
Eye Mask + Vibrating Rose Gag Ball +Collar + Zinc Alloy Leash + 2 Wrist Cuffs + 2 Ankle Cuffs + Leather Paddle
Splendid Silver Green Python Textured SM Kit
Eye Mask + Vibrating Gag Ball +Collar + Zinc Alloy Leash + 2 Wrist Cuffs + 2 Ankle Cuffs + Leather Paddle
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All sets of the same style can be disassembled and sold individually or combined