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Author: Bastian12

  • Review Add on: 22/03/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

Very nice! It’s the closest thing to a girlfriend. It’s so much better than those costing much more.

Author: Andy

  • Review Add on: 06/05/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

Excellent! I like this portable pocket vagina sex toy which is mini and easy to carry. Perfect for travel!

Author: Mark

  • Review Add on: 07/05/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

This may be the best pocket vagina masturbator sex toy I have ever used. Will buy again. Thanks

Author: Deric

  • Review Add on: 20/05/2018
  • Average Rating: (4)

Develops good suction automatic somehow, feels great...
I use this when my wife is "not in the mood", but I am, which is most of the time :0 )
However, here's the deal guys; many say this item is too small. Well it is if your longer then I would guess 7". I am only 6.5" and I can cause the end to poke out a little so yes this is a little short for longer guys. However, in girth this thing can take it. In fact if your a little skinny this may not be tight enough for you. I have a circumference of 7" that's a little over 2.25" thick and its a nice tight fit for my pleasure :)

Author: Donny the Mighty

  • Review Add on: 08/07/2018
  • Average Rating: (4)

Have had the toy for about a month, first buy of this kind.
Happy with overall first impressions and use. 
It’s bit short for me though.

Author: Jason

  • Review Add on: 08/08/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

Liked the first one so much I bought 2 more for when it wears out. Tried many, this is one of the best due to the texturing and overall feel. Highly recommended for the price, any day.

Author: Rob

  • Review Add on: 04/12/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

the ZEMALIA Diana is a great value, fit and texture. Easy to clean and care for. This toy gives the ultimate pleasure experience. It gives great pressure and suction in the right places to give the base to the top event climax. Con: the only thing was airbrush colors didn't match the photos online, but why drop a star for that. It is FANTASTIC!!!

Author: rob

  • Review Add on: 05/12/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

Pros: Great texture and feel to it. Tight in all the right places, easy to clean, inside texture is very satisfying. What a great value and quick delivery. Cons: shown airbrushed paint different. But that does not deserve a dropped star.

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