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Author: Big-Dick-Guy:)

  • Review Add on: 08/05/2018
  • Average Rating: (4)

Had fun with Gina!!

Author: Achilles

  • Review Add on: 11/07/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

I recently got the Gina Cup and I simply love it. Nevertheless, the toy has much White dust inside, like tiny particles. I guess is from the raw material it’s made of. FYI, the customer service girl told me it’s called talcum powder (something like baby power to protect the cup from bacterium and mite).

Author: Anonymous

  • Review Add on: 23/07/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

I have used Gina a bit and so far it's alright because she's very tight. I use some lube with it. That was very intense! Big love!

Author: All Mighty God

  • Review Add on: 16/08/2018
  • Average Rating: (5)

I love gina!

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Author: Vic

  • Review Add on: 23/01/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

Used it for the first time it’s perfect feels like the real thing

Author: Alcoholica

  • Review Add on: 27/02/2019
  • Average Rating: (5)

My Girlfriend recently bought me the Gina Cup. I love the way it feels nice and soft, tight as well. My lady loved watching me lube up and give it a go. she had to jump in and have some fun herself.

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