Q: I have never heard of this site before, are you trust-worthy?
A: BeYourLover is backed up by several senior angel investors and three giant brands in the pleasure industry. We have formed a firm alliance with SVAKOM, ZEMALIA and RIDMII. Standing on the foundation of these companies innovative and professional R&D crew, QC system and after-sale service team, BeYourLover.com is capable of providing you with the best sex toys with affordable price tags (lower than the official website price).

To verify the authenticity, please contact customer service of SVAKOM, ZEMALIA and Ridmii.

The crew of BeYourLover consists of intelligent and creative people from different nationalities. Our young team dreams big! We dream to be as big as Amazon in sex toys industry. We dream to bring pleasure to every corner of the world. We dream to kill all the sexual repression in those dark sides on the globe. We are to be brave, to be free, to pursuit the ultimate definition of happiness, to meet the great odds undaunted!

Q: The product I received is faulty, how can I deal with it?
A: Every single product will be carefully examined by the QC clerk before shipment.

All the products on BeYourLover.com carries a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any problem or question.

In order to solve the problems with efficiency, please let us know your order number. Photos and videos of the damage or faulty product can highly help us to understand and solve the problem.

Customer Service representatives will stay online from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (UTC/GMT+8), Monday to Saturday. We will do our best to reply your email within 1-2 business days.
Q: Specifically for masturbators, how should I clean it up for the first time? What can you clean this product with?
A: Clean it with soap and water. We highly recommend to not use hot water due to might affect the flexibility of the product. Please clean it before and after each use with warm water and soap or toy cleaner. 
Q: Does it have to be used with a lube or can it be used without one as well?
A: It depends on your physiological condition and type of product ,if you are a beginner user, lube will be recommended to you. If you are advanced user, you will find the better way in. 
Q: When I press the rotation button it vibrates and then stops the device, is it broken?
A: There is a chance that might be, please kindly try new batteries or to charge the product. If the problem is still there, please contact customer service ([email protected]).
Q: Which toy should I select as a beginner?
A:  For female customer we recommend Eric. The size is easier to start with, and there are plenty to explore with. For male, we recommend Gina and Ace, they are the best sellers. Lubrication is highly recommended for beginners. :)
Q: The masturbator has white dust inside, like tiny particles. What is it? How to clean it?
A: The white dust is talcum powder, which was used to protect the masturbator from mold and mite. You can use warm water and body wash to clean it.
Q: How should I preserve the product when I going to keep it spare?
A: You can keep it in the original box or in the silk pouch. Put it in some well-ventilated cool place to avoid moisture and mold. Better avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from CHILDREN. In addition, if allowed you can apply some baby powder to the surface of the silicon to protect it from bacterium and mites.
Q: Will it cause any issue if I forgot to unplug the charging cable?
A: The battery of our products is made of lithium. The light will flicker white in charging and turn solid when it's fully charged. The charging mechanism of the battery will automatically cut the electricity current.
Q: Is the product usable while charging?
A: Usage after the battery is fully charged is suggested. Using the products in charging mood will cause the shortening of the battery life.
Q: Am I supposed to charge the product before the first time of usage?
A: Every single product is shipped from the Svakom / Zemalia / Ridmii factory after being fully examined by the QC clerk, so there will be a little electricity remain in the product when you first get it. We recommend you to use out remain electricity and then charge it for the second usage.
Q: Is it possible to use power bank to charge the product?
A: The battery of the product is lithium battery, and it can be charged with power banks.
Q: Is it okay to charge the product when it is cover by water?
A: After using the product in water, you are supposed to dry the product up with dry cloth. For your safety, please make sure that all the cable and product are dry when charging it.
Q: What if it seems that the product cannot be turned off or on?
A: Please make sure the battery is charged and long press the S button. If you did exactly as guide on the user manual, and it still cannot be turned off, please contact [email protected] to consult the related situations and after-sales services.