The truth about the preliminaries

Foreplay or preliminary games by their own name are misleading. Often, they are not considered part of sexual relations, but a prior, an introduction, a presentation. That is why many people skip them and go directly to the next step and it turns out foreplay are as important as water for a plant.

At some point, the supremacy of penetration will have to give way to full and complete sexual relations, where intercourse is just one more link in a chain of pleasure. Deeply looking, the goal of a sexual relationship is not penetration and neither is achieving orgasm, but to get immense in pleasure and in connection. That immense pleasure is obtained through the union of two bodies playing to merge into one another.

In this way, the preliminaries should stop being considered as a previous step to become the true protagonists of the sexual relationship. Because besides being exciting, in addition to getting to transform the body and mind and besides being the best lubricants, the preliminaries can also take you to that orgasm that seems the end of every sexual encounter.

With this we only want to highlight the importance of foreplay in sexual life and to make them feel like enjoying their own sexual intercourse. From here, we can advance by letting those so-called preliminaries last an eternity and until the body endures. But maybe you’re wondering what are the best and most exciting previous games.

Oral sex

For her and for him. Oral sex is considered the preliminary par excellence, admired and acclaimed in any corner of the world, has its kingdom in the sense of taste.

Sex toys

For both (or more) members of the relationship, sex toys are another way to achieve arouse point. Our favorite toy for foreplay is still NYMPH. It is one of the most completed toys in the market, and of course, its uniqueness makes it so special. Nymph has three super soft fingers that are perfect for nipple stimulation, as well as for clit stimulation. But that is not enough, Nymph also has a soft rounded head full of powerful vibrations, made of liquid silicone to make the arouse more intense and comfortable.


The excitement can be visual. Hence, you can include certain staging in previous games. From the bedding, to your own with a lingerie as the one we have in our website that clouds this sense of sight, through the lighting of the environment. Everything counts when it comes to excite one another.


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