Good kiss manual.

The game of seduction does not end with the first kiss, but if this is a disaster you may not have another chance to achieve your goal. For this reason, in today’s post we will show you a series of tips to improve your lip skills and your number of achievements.

Get ready!

Before the kiss you must prepare the area of ​​the lips, relaxing and opening them to show the other person that you want to kiss him/her. If you have usual dryness in this area it is best to use a lipgloss.

Who said bad breath?

Nothing ruins the experience of a kiss more than bad breath, so it is essential that you take care of your oral hygiene every day, especially if you have in mind to meet someone interesting. Wash your teeth, use mouthwash and thread. And do not forget the mint candies! Without going over, of course, no one wants to have the feeling that he is rolling up with a bunch of peppermint.

If you are going to meet to eat, avoid foods that can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth like raw onion, garlic or cured cheeses. As soon as you have the opportunity, go to the bathroom to rinse or drink at the end of dinner. Never coffee! Since it is one of the main culprits of bad breath.

The moment of the kiss

You’ve been charming all the evening and the other person is about to surrender at your feet. It is essential that both of you are waiting for the same, something for which you will have to interpret body language. The moment of the kiss has arrived, so approach gently bending, watching which side your partner turns the head to do it in the opposite direction.

The kiss begins

At the beginning it is usually a good idea to start very slowly, keeping your mouth a little open. Do not speed things up or you may seem impatient. Short kisses, not aggressive, because in this phase we are still assessing the response of the other person. Interpret his/her reaction. You can also give a more romantic touch to the moment if you caress his/her face while you kis.

The kiss continues

If the thing is going well, you can open your mouth without using your tongue yet. It is almost always better that we spend some time kissing without making use of it, since this way we will have more information about the level of delivery of the other person. Is your partner encouraged to introduce the tongue? This phase will serve to know the type of kisser that is your partner and if you are going to continue with the game or on the contrary you have nothing in common.

The tongue comes into action

Where to start? If all this catches you too much of surprise, you can gently touch the tip of the tongue with your tip, paying attention to the movements that your companion makes. It is necessary that both be in the same harmony, find an intermediate rhythm that works in both directions. If the girl or boy recoils instinctively, immediately remove your tongue.


And on the contrary, if you both are enjoying the moment, it is time to put your tongue deeper, so that the kiss is more intense and also much more lascivious. A language that knows what it does is one of the most exciting erotic weapons that exist. There is one thing you should avoid in any case: being too aggressive, as it can become unpleasant for the other person and this is something we do not want.


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