Crazy One Night Stand Testimonials

Sasha, 25 years old

There was a guy I saw a lot on Snapchat. I always wondered what I should do and reacted to my selfies with the emoji with my eyes wide open. After two weeks like that, I told him to quit and it was super cute: pretty face, pretty smile … Very beautiful. The fact is that we got to the subject and the guy came in my mouth, but then he left his cock inside, he took my head so he would not move it and he said, “Keep sucking, yes!”. But I could not move, nor did he move, so I just sucked his cock. I was like that for five minutes until he came again.

When we finished, he started rolling a joint, put the phone to charge and made several calls. I was on my mobile phone when he asked me if I had a wipe. I handed him a, thinking he wanted to clean something, but when I turned to look at him, I saw that he had pulled out a HUGE knife, the biggest I had ever seen. I gave him the wipe without saying anything, because I did not know what to say: fuck, that there was an unknown cleaning a fucking machete in my bed. The boy got up, put the machete in its case, got dressed, adjusted the knife inside the pants and asked me if I wanted something from the store.

When he left, I saw that he had left the iPhone, so I warned my roommates and told them what had just happened to me. “That guy does not come back into this house,” said one of them, which seemed normal to me. The problem was that dude forgot his phone at home. Half an hour later, the guy came home, my companion gave him his phone and threw him out. Another half hour later, the boy sends me a message on Snapchat saying: “Sorry, I had to go down to the store.” That was it. I did not see him or his machete again.


Nick, 25 years old

When I was at university, I went to a party where all guys wanted to get involved with a girl who looked like Sasha Gray. They all were playing the acoustic guitar around a bonfire while a colleague and I drank beer and went to talk to this girl with no success. In the end, we all ended up staying sleeping in the campus. It was around five in the morning when I got up to go to piss and I heard the girl knocking on the door, so I let her in.

I was not even been able to pee even when she suddenly went down started to kiss my cock. At the end we did it in the bathroom, convinced we were being silent like ninjas, but when we finished and opened the door, we found everyone awake and laughing at us. It turns out that we were fucking against the wall of the room in which most of them were sleeping.


Kim, 23 years old

We met through Tinder. He was 38 and I, 21. We decided to see each other to eat in Soho restaurant. While we were waiting for the food, the guy told me that he had a 19-year-old son to prove that it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable due to I was about the same age. It attracted me so much that I did not care. After lunch, we took a taxi and went to his house. We arrived and prepared two gin-tonics and a bath with candles and such.

When we left the bathroom, he put on a Prince record and lit the fire in the fireplace. We proceeded to do it on a carpet in front of the fire, then brought some substances and we kept fucking and snorting substances until midnight or so, when we went to bed and we were still there. Next morning, he made me a coffee, called a taxi and sent me home. After that, he sent me a message saying that he was going through a crisis and that he should not go out with girls the same age as his son. I have not heard from him again.



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