Your sex life affects the size of your tits

We talk to several experts on whether it is really possible to change your tits according to what you do in bed. Whether you enjoy sex with the slow-moving or those who prefer it more leisurely, your sex life can influence the size and appearance of your breasts. To begin with, you may have alreadyRead More

Sex could relieve headaches

How many times have we stopped maintaining relationships for a headache? I remember a stage of my life in which after having any type of orgasm – jerking off or practicing sex-, immediately my head hurt. It was as if I pressed a button that managed to cause me a kind of migraine. I wasRead More

Benefits of Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage

This orgasm can be up to 100 percent stronger or more intense than the orgasm with ejaculation. Inside the anus, the man has a privileged contact with the prostate. Prostate massage allows touching points that can generate much pleasure and with this, new experiences such as: Develop a greater erotic awareness. Rediscover your body andRead More