3 Steamy Erotic Novels You Should Read Right Now

With Fifty Shades of Grey being such a hit to the mainstream, the seductive erotic books have been a great past time to put us in a certain kind of mood. Let’s start to move on from Christian Grey and find other great read romantic steamy novels that will keep us on our toes. Get your heart racing with these passionate novels and make sure to have a little sex toy next to you incase you want to put your imagination to the next level.

  1. The Roommate by Rosie Danan (2020)

The Roommate is about a conservative, smart and uptight East coast elite Clara who moved to LA to be with her long time crush only to be dumped. She ended up being stuck in LA to be roommates with a handsome man named Josh who is the total opposite of her personality.

Despite their differences, they had sexual chemistry with great character development. She looked him up online and found out he was actually a porn star. This book brings sex positivity and digs deeper to the adult entertainment industry.

2. Hate to Want you by Alisha Rai (2020)

You can argue that Hate to Want you is Romeo and Juliet with a modern twist. Livvy and Nicholas used to be the power couple. Both their families used to own a business together; however, this business fell apart and so did their family relationship.

With the family feud, Livvy and Nicholas cannot be together or seen together anymore. They secretly meet up for one day every year for her birthday to have forbidden steamy sex. Livvy would text Nicholas where she is and he would always show up. Except one day, she stopped texting him leaving Nicholas confused.

3. Bared to You by Sylvia Day (2012)

If you loved the Fifty Shades of Grey then Bared to You might be something you’d also want to check out. It’s a similar story of a young lady meeting a hot millionaire. Except, they both have dark pasts and sex is just a way that they can communicate their feelings properly. The passion is there with a mix of a drama storyline that you wouldn’t be able to resist.

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