Why More Married Men Own a Sex Toy than We Realize

It’s a fact that more men own a sex toy than we realize. FHM made a survey of 5000 men and found out that 51% owned a sex toy. The cock rings being the most popular followed by the fleshlight. 

Men tend do be more discreet compared to women when talking about sex toys. Some married men even hide their sex toys from their wives to not hurt their feelings and have them think that they are not happy with their sex life. What’s ironic is that even women use sex toys don’t seem to want their husband/boyfriend to use a sex toy. Hence, let’s look at why more married men are getting sex toys and why we should let them be.

1. Masturbation is Normal and Healthy

Whether you are single or married, masturbation is normal and totally healthy. Sometimes, masturbating is just a way of life and something that men like to do even when their sex lives are great. This does not mean that they are unhappy or not satisfied with the sexual intercourse with their partner. Hence, do not feel bad about yourself if your partner uses a sex toy during his private time.

2. To Stay Faithful

Single men have the freedom to have sex with multiple people. However, those who are in a serious long term relationship may not have that option. Their partner can be the only person they want to have sex with so the only other way is to do it solo.

3. No Time for Sex

Sometimes married life can get hard to find time for intimate moments. Married couples can get busy and just need a quick time to release tension through. A sex toy can be the only solution to help self stimulate and build an orgasm quickly for personal pleasure. 

4. Want to Use the Toy with Their Partner

It’s getting more common that couple use sex toys together while having sex. From FHM’s survey, cock rings were the most popular sex toy used by the 5,000 men they interviewed. Cock rings are sex toys that can be used and enjoyed together by couples during intercourse to help with their body vibration.

5. Sex is just Bland

Sometimes, the truth hurts but sex life has turned boring. In a long marriage, sex tends to be done less and less. Sometimes it is just not as exciting as it used to be in the beginning anymore. If you need some tips to spice up your sex life in your marriage, check out this blog post for some tips : “5 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your Sex Life”.

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