My feminine traits and I

I got “mistaking” as a woman sometimes. people would refer to me as “Miss” just based on the first reaction of seeing my long hair and nails! And this makes me wonder what makes me think that I am part of womanhood, and what is womanhood means to me!

I understand for sure there will have people say that I am not a woman based on my facial features, physical appearance, and the fact that I didn’t build for giving birth. But there also have women with masculine facial features, who are flat-chested and are infertile. From what I see, womanhood is not only about body parts, and definitely more than body parts.

There has no doubt that I have an undeniable connection with femininity, I feel like I can relate and understand more as a woman living in this world than as a man! When I grow up, I always choose to befriend with girls, share more similar interests with women, relate more to their perspectives, and always look up to strong independent yet valuable female characters on TV and films, also putting on heels is such an empowering high.

Since the day of my young self standing on the Lego heels that I built, I feel like I have been walking alongside with other women on earth. I feel like we share similar fears, discriminations, ideas, hopes, and dreams in the current society. And very grateful and appreciate for all the help and supports I received from them, and always hope I have give back enough. 

Women are diverse, women are power, women are the beginning of joy. That’s the image I got from them personally, on media and historically,  and connected to, and learn from.

My long hair and nails might see as feminine traits, but women had already broken a lot of gender stereotypes in the past. I think those traits should react as my personal taste rather than defining what am I.


I think about having short hair sometimes too.

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