Taka Kato: the Goldfinger legend

Today we are discovering you the great Taka Kato, aka Goldfinger.

But who is Taka Kato? Just keep reading…

Taka Kato was born in Akita on May 1, 1959, and in 1988 went to Tokyo where he worked as a photographer and adult video actor. 

Kato is famous in the Japanese AV industry for his ability to induce “shiofuki” or female ejaculation, also know as ‘squirting’.

In case you don’t know, women can ejaculate! Female ejaculation refers to the expulsion of fluid from a female’s urethra during orgasm or sexual arousal.

Back to Kato, his prowess in this area has earned him the flamboyant nickname “Goldfinger”. He claimed to be able to provide an orgasm in just 8 seconds!

During his career, Taka Kato performed in more than 5300 videos, showing his “digital skills”

Kato has also acted in several softcore V-Cinema films and has had appearances on TV and in videos as an expert in sexual techniques. He has published several books on the subject as well.

Fun fact: He even joined with a classical orchestra to whisper words of love on the 2006 CD Lovers Classic. I surely need to check out this on Spotify…

Sadly, Kato-san retired in 2012 so we need to look for other ways to experience the Goldfinger feeling.

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